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At Quilt, we are opening hundreds of homes every month to gather women together for fun and real talk. 
Our free mobile app makes it easy for you to get to know our community, find gatherings nearby, and attend to start building an IRL network of meaningful connections.
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We have over 400 hosts across Los Angeles, San Francisco, and 

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What's a Quilt Chat?

What are House Parties?

A Quilt Chat is a 1-hour topic-driven conversation for up to 8 women led by one of our community hosts, out of her home. Topics include: desire, power, leadership, money, growth, creativity and beyond. 

$15 or free for members

Every month in Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco we're hosting House Parties for up to 75 women. They are a fun, welcoming way to meet new women and stay connected to the community.

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Are you not currently located in New York, Los Angeles, or San Francisco? No problem. You can still apply and become the first Quilt Host in your city!

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